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The Dynamite Dudes gets a publishing deal with Cappelen Damm.

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Alexander Istad Espen Seling Mele Cappelen Damm Gutta Krutt
The author and illustrator together with The Dynamite Dudes

It's official.

The Dynamite Dudes are heading to Norway's largest publishing house: Cappelen Damm.

It's been a long process, but fortunately, the author has been lucky to receive help from the WORLD'S best editors.

Marianne Kaurin & Ina Vassbotn Steinman are the best thing since sliced bread.

They work hard to figure out what the crazy author is REALLY trying to say.

Alexander is a bubbling cauldron of creativity, and he needs at least two people to remind him, 'Now, remember to tell your story and don't spend too much time explaining why horses always walk backward when no one is looking.'

You might think it's not true about the horses, but how can we be sure?

'ALEXANDER, you're doing it again,' says Marianne and Ina into a little microphone that goes straight into a speaker on the author's desk. 'Oh, yes, I got lost from the story again,' says Alexander.

Sometime 'soon' or in the 'near future,' the first book about The Dynamite Dudes will appear in a store near you, and we hope you buy one or two. You're allowed to buy more than two as well, maybe your friend's little brother also wants one.

Buy three, just to be sure.

Or four...

I'm absolutely certain that if you want more than four, Cappelen Damm can arrange that too.

We're excited, and I hope you are too because this is going to be super-duper fun.

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